Our Mission

In today's marketplace lawyers and law firms are a dime-a-dozen. You can find a lawyer on every street corner. Many were "A" and "B" students in law school. All have passed the state required bar exam. Many are familiar with the basics of how law is supposed to be practiced. Many practice the essentials of ethics. Many know the names of quite a few judges and are familiar with the locations of plenty of courthouses. Many know how to market themselves so as to attract a vast amount of clients. We here at Accurso and Lett understand all of these facts.

Our mission statement of Accurso & Associates, LLC and our core belief at our firm is to distinguish ourselves and set ourselves apart from 99% of other attorneys and law firms out there. We strive to be the types of lawyers that we ourselves would recommend to our own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and children, if the need ever arose. We strive to be the type of lawyers that we would trust with our life, liberty, freedom, and financial solidarity. How is it possible to make such a proclamation you ask? It is easy...we work hard and we care, simple as that. We care enough to listen to whatever problem that you are experiencing. We care enough to take time to understand your problem. We care enough to follow-up with you after our initial consultation and return every phone call. We care enough to update you of each and every significant development arising in your matter.

In addition, we work hard to formulate a strategy to resolve your matter as efficiently and effectively as possible. We work hard to speak to all interested witnesses that will bolster your case. We work hard to research all applicable case law precedent to support our arguments. We work hard to find and retain expert witnesses specifically suited to whatever technical issue that is relevant to your matter, that will buttress our core theories. When it comes time for court, we will have worked hard to prepare meticulously to aggressively and zealously defend our clients' interests in court, whether they are economic or liberty based. In addition to caring and hard work, Accurso & Associates, LLC brings to the table a vast depth of experience. We have a combined thirty-five years of practicing law between our lawyers. What that translates into is thirty-five years of combined knowledge to figure out the most efficient and productive end to as successful resolution of whatever problem you are experiencing. Do we have anything else to offer besides hard work, caring, and experience you may ask. Well, the answer is yes.

In addition, we offer all of these at an economical fee. We understand that you work hard for your money and that times are tough. Accurso & Associates, LLC sets their attorney fees in the middle of the spectrum of fees charged by other firms. We don’t proclaim to be the least expensive but we aren't the most expensive either. What we strive for above all is to give our clients a good value for their money, and that is priceless.

To conclude, we of course understand that actions speak louder than words. We invite you to meet with us in person at your convenience to discuss whatever problem that you are experiencing. Please judge our character and work ethic for yourselves. We are confident that you will find each and every proclamation set out in this statement as being more than just words, but accurate, honest, and true.

-Member Attorneys-