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DWI/DUI Defense

If you have recently been arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence you are certainly experiencing a lot of uncertainties.  D.W.I and D.U.I. arrests may have long-lasting consequences to your life, liberty, driving privileges, and employment. One night of unfortunate circumstance can certainly end up costing you in the long run.

Put the experience of a lawyer to work for you that has represented hundreds upon hundreds of individuals facing the same problems and experiencing the same concerns as you.  Right now you are worried first and foremost whether or not you are going back to jail.  You are scared that you might receive a criminal conviction scarring you for life.  You are uncertain if you lose your driving privileges of how you will make it back and forth to work, or at least to the grocery store.  Having an experienced lawyer that is skilled, knowledgeable, and aggressive can minimize the impact that this arrest has on your future.

The law firm of Accurso & Associates has a combined experience of over thirty (30) years representing people faced with alcohol-related charges.  We will take the time to meet with you one-on-one and listen to a detailed account of what happened on the night of your arrest.  We will visit the scene of your arrest to experience for ourselves the factual depictions.  We will file an appeal on your loss of driving privilege.  We will file defensive motions and pleas right from the start.  We will request and exam all of the prosecutor’s evidence that he/she intends upon using against you at trial.  We WILL formulate a strategy that will minimize the impact of this arrest on your future.

Our objectives will always be to minimize, if not eliminate altogether, the time you may spend in jail.  We will fight to keep criminal convictions off of your record that may serve to make you virtually unemployable.  We will do everything in our power to reduce if not eliminate all potential points on your driving record.  We will battle to retain your driving privileges.  Last but not least we will formulate a plan to gain you an acquittal, if at all legally possible.

Is there anything else the law firm of Accurso & Associates will offer you?  Yes, you will get everything described here at a reasonable fee.  We understand the economic times today are trying.  We will do our best to formulate credit and payment plans that suit your lifestyle.  You will get the best and hardest working lawyers at a fair and reasonable fee, which always translates into a good value for your money.

Give the law firm of Accurso & Associates the opportunity to represent you and you won’t be disappointed.  That is my personal guarantee.

-Michael Accurso, Attorney-